Will Maxfield

Over the last 3 months I have worked closely with Will to support and educate him through this weight loss journey. A huge part of this has been to allow this weight loss to happen but also whilst being very conscious and aware of Will's health condition.

I am over the moon with Wills change over the start of this project, see below some transformation pictures and here are some words from Will too...

"It is not an exaggeration to say that working with James has changed my life for the better. Having battled with health issues and ever rising weight over recent years, I have struggled to take control of it all. James took a real understanding to my very unique situation and worked with me to find a solution. 
James' philosophy of evidence based coaching and education has enabled me to completely change my body composition and take real ownership of my health issues. I am fitter, healthier and achieving goals I couldn't fathom previously.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with James so far and truly feel that I couldn't have made any of the progress I have so far without his support"


This is an ongoing project and involves continuous education throughout.