Libby Gascoigne

Libby has been working closely with me for a few months and in this time the development has been amazing. She already had two placements lined up and the next year will be a brilliant time for Libby to apply what she is learning on her MSc in Sport Nutrition into the real applied world!

This now includes work with a professional football club with a pretty blank canvas. The opportunity to create a really unique and new nutrition provision for these players and club is very exciting and looking forward to see this one progress over the next few months.

See Libby's words below...


"In terms of mentorship and guidance I couldn’t recommend James any higher, he’s been a constant source of knowledge and experience, with a firm grasp of the many practical application that surround it. Allowing me to see the nutrition world from his perspective has been nothing short of revolutionary in terms of the way I approach my work and the challenges this work entails. He consistently challenges your ideas and perspective in a manner underpinned by a polite and up-beat approach that only serves to encourage you to improve. I have no doubt that the ideas he’s encouraged me to make and the concepts he’s challenged me to understand have helped build the foundations of a successful career in the evolving world of nutrition".