Jodie Hemmings-Trigg

The last few months has been great to work with Jodie. Jodie and I first met when I did a guest lecture for her at Liverpool John Moores University and we have stayed in touch since. Our calls have been great so far and Jodie is moving forward at a great rate, certainly an exciting few months ahead for her with projects! Below are a few words from Jodie...

"Investing in the mentorship of Dr James Morehen has been pivotal to my success as a Performance Nutritionist.

James is generous with his guidance and resources, and I have found his insights truly invaluable - with a pragmatic approach that allows me to apply suggestions to my professional contexts with ease. I get so much from our calls and the mentorship programme continues to support me to overcome challenges I face in my professional working environments. James is instrumental in building my confidence and I always look forward to implementing strategies we discuss.

I’m looking forward to working with James for the foreseeable future and am excited to continue my ambitious development strategy with his guidance".