Get Buzzing

I have used Get Buzzing for a few years now and think they are a brilliant option for when on the move and in a busy lifestyle. Here is what they had to say about their products... 




Here at GetBuzzing we make 100% Natural, Nut free flapjacks including an informed sport tested protein and gluten free range, to offer people snacks that are genuinely healthy and actually taste good, without upsetting your digestive system. In 2009 we launched our range of 100% Natural Nut Free flapjacks, which are a fantastic choice for those who want to look and feel good no matter what their busy lifestyles bring.

Our range is for EVERYONE from children’s lunch box’s to on the go mums, fitness fanatics and people that just want to KNOW what they’re eating. We’re about real food, real taste and real expectations, that’s our promise to you. Were full of natural fruity goodness but theres not a nut in sight and we've zero additives, preservatives or colourings, so our customers know exactly what they’re enjoying!

We’re about real food, real taste and real expectations with zero additives, preservatives and colourings and made with less than 7 ingredients. Informed Sport Tested and used by many of the National and Professional SportsTeams and Players pre, during and post training and games and travel.