Fuel Hub - Meal Prep

Fuel Hub is a meal preparation company based in the North West of England. The owners of the company, James, Michelle and I, go back years together and are very close friends. 

Laithwaite, a professional rugby players, who first worked with me during his playing days at Warrington Wolves Rugby Club where I educated him on the key fundamentals of nutritional strategies to optimise fuelling and recovering from the demands of professional rugby. Further, during some long months of rehabilitation, both James and I focused on how to manipulate body composition favourably so he returned back from injury in the best shape he could.

James was always an athlete who really enjoyed the nutritional side of things and loved learning about how to get better and improve on this front. It is no surprise he has gone into the nutrition industry with his wife Michelle and their new business, providing prepared meals for elite athletes and clients.

James and Michelle know what athletes want and how they want it, good quality, good portions and where required, weighed macros to hit individual nutritional targets!

It's my pleasure to align and affiliate myself with, in my opinion, the best meal preparation company, and through our friendship James has allowed me to share with you a 10% discount code: PERFORMANCE10 

A few words from James to Morehen Performance...

"I worked with James during my time at Warrington Wolves and it's fair to say James was one of the most passionate, dedicated and hard working nutritionists I have ever worked with. To complement this knowledge os sports nutrition and what was needed to be a professional athlete was second to none. James was a pleasure to be around every day and this feeling was definitely shared amongst the playing squad"