Francesca Crawford

Francesca and I have worked together for a few months now. So far it has been a brilliant project and moved quickly. Francesca has begun working with a an Olympic level athlete whilst studying her degree, which will complement her applied skills. An exciting few years on this project!

See Francesca's words below...



"My mentorship with James has lasted roughly two months so far and I feel like I've achieved so much with him already! Within days of my mentorship starting he approached me with a paid opportunity to work with Olympic athletes, initially for a year but with the potential for my role to grow beyond that time.

I've had professional meetings with highly reputable figures in the industry and with James' guidance I've been able to present my thoughts and ideas on possible nutritional strategies to consider. A mentorship like this does not come without it's obstacles. When people realise you are associated with someone who is very successful in the industry they will bombard you with "the next best thing" nutrition wise. This happened to me and I definitely got excited at the thought of being able to offer something new to elite athletes. What's great about James is, when I told him about this new product he asked me a few questions that allowed me to really dissect and critically evaluate the product for myself.

He is constantly helping me develop my skills to become a top practitioner. During every mentor call he'll always set me tasks to complete that will help with my development, whether that be reading up on specific sports nutrition for my work experience or contacting people in my network to gain potential clients. The calls we have are second to none, I feel like I'm speaking to a long term friend and always feel comfortable saying anything to him.

Starting my mentorship with James has truly been the best decision I've made! So much has happened in so little time and I'm excited to see what's to come. Thanks James!