About the Mentorship

“Helping practitioners and researchers to develop individually, increasing their value, growth and their worth through experiences, exposures, knowledge, networks and applied skills”


The sport science and performance nutrition industries are some of the most popular degree programmes at universities, with more and more institutes now offering MSc level programmes, to saturate further an already small pond with more fish.

This inevitably results in a wave of new, energetic and eager students, practitioners and early career researchers into the industry seeking employment at sports club or work with private clients, or both.

This is great for our industry, as it is developing and progressing at a fast rate, but does this come at a cost for individuals to land that first big role or progress on in their own career?

Do you have a mentor currently? Not many people do, and 7 years ago I didn’t have one.

When I started university at 21, I knew I wanted to work in elite sport, but how on earth was I going to ensure this happened? At the time, I didn’t know, but over the last few years I have reflected a lot on the decisions I made, the way I acted and went about my business and the key defining moments that resulted in me working at West Ham FC, Widnes Vikings, Warrington Wolves Rocky Fielding and now England Football.

Trust me, this was not a straight forward journey and one with many ups and downs that I will share with you, but I genuinely believe it’s the hurdles and stumbling blocks that have allowed me to get to where I am today.

On my journey to working at England Football, I have had three mentors (I still have all three today) that I have learnt from and grown alongside which has allowed me to develop underpinning fundamentals and key applied skills. This journey is nowhere near finished and if I’m honest with myself, and you, will never end, as I am constantly seeking personal development and improvement to achieve the next stepping stone in front of me.

I am fortunate to have worked alongside and say that my core network of people are some of the world’s best practitioners researchers, and high performance coaches in the industry from some of the biggest clubs, teams and business in our country and overseas. They are also very good friends of mine in an ever-expanding network. Having such strong relationships has allowed me to observe and witness what elite level looks like, what is it that these people have that the others don’t, what drives them each day to keep improving, never settling with average, what is it they have done that has ensured they are working where they are, what advice do they have for those just starting out in the industry?

If you would like to hear more about the Morehen Performance Mentorship programme please reach out to James.