Rocky Fielding - Boxing

Rocky Fielding - Boxing

Rocky is a professional boxer from Liverpool who has worked with the for the past 5 years. In this time Rocky has won the British Lonsdale Title, Commonwealth Title and World Title at Super Middleweight. James helps Rocky to manipulate body composition, make weight safely and regain weight effectively ready for performance in the ring.


Rocky said...

"…Nutrition has been probably 90% of my career and training. The main thing with boxing is your weight, making weight, and performing in training, not worrying about your weight through a camp.

In the past, I was doing my own nutrition, thinking more about my diet and food more than I was about performing and training and what my trainer wanted to get out of me.

I was underrating, overeating or I wasn’t eating. Thinking if I don’t eat I will make the weight.

The when it came to sparring and tough sessions I wasn’t getting the best out of it because I was too worried about my food, putting sweatsuits on, going for big 10-15 mile runs just to lose weight and then not getting anything inside me…

Since joining you guys and the university, we sat down and done the testing, it was a big eye opener and unbelievable.

The calorie intake, making sure the right meals for what I need at the door every week, food that I like, the right amount. All I had to do was then train and do what my trainers wanted out of me. My performances in the gym was coming on, I was learning, getting better each fight. With the weight, I put trust in yourself and I was happier.

Previously in fight week you wouldn’t get a conversation out of me. I was snapping at everyone, I wouldn’t speak to anyone, my mood would change.

With the nutrition being looked after by you, I was happy in fight week, I was talking, energy was there to make the last bit of weight. So much easier. If I hadn’t have joined up with you guys on the nutrition, I personally don’t think I would have got to where I got and what I have achieved …

…A really massive part of the success was the weight. Making the weight and then making the correct weight the next day was spot on, the way you calculated everything up the way I used to make the weight. I had full confidence each camp, each fight the trust was getting more built, the trust I had in you was 100% of what you would say.

I think you knew my body better than me. You knew what weight I would hit, what I would do. If my weight was sticking you would change it around for me, the calories, the nutrition and then the weight would drop. But my performances were staying, my training in the gym, my sleep pattern was good. I wasn’t going to bed starving. I was getting good rest in and sleep in…”

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