James Brown

James Brown

Over the last year or so I have worked closely with James to help him achive his goal of dropping under 100kg in body mass. 

James started at 115kg and is now comfortably under 100kg sitting at 98.5kg. 

Thats over 16kg of fat mass gone. 

I could not be prouder of James and we are still progressing along nicely with more body composition manipulation to happen. 

James shared a few words for me...

"James Morehen has been helping me on my journey to lose weight since August 2019. I was 116kg and wanted to get down to a weight of 98kg. The motivation behind losing weight was initially so that I could get better priced Life insurance! James has a very straight forward, consistent approach. He instils a sense of personal responsibility whilst encouraging and holding you accountable. The Monday and Friday weighs-ins really are effective and within a few weeks you are keen to hit your goals so you can share with him and get his words of encouragement. You always feel like you are getting honest and constructive feedback from James, whether it’s a weigh-in that is on track or actually surprisingly bad. The bespoke food plans which James prepared for me took into account my dislike of fish but also my various levels of exercise and mobile lifestyle. James then doctored this to take into account some of my favourite healthy meals which I already enjoyed. The best thing about the nutritional plan is that it doesn’t feel like a diet and its now just my new, improved lifestyle!

 Although we engaged James to help with my nutrition he has also been very encouraging with my increasing levels of exercise. When you are working with James you don’t feel like you are doing it alone. As of 5th April 2020 I am now 102kg and still on track to my goal. Thanks mate!"


Below: An example schematic of James body mass loss over time


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