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Performance Nutrition education for Athletes

Morehen Performance has over 7 years of experience in delivering evidence informed nutrition strategies to athletes with the aim of improving current nutritional behaviours to optimally fuel and recover from the demands of training and competition. 

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Public Speaking & Conference presentations

Morehen Performance has experience of presenting and public speaking in both the professional sport and with academic university settings on topic areas of nutrition, sport science, performance, recovery, health and wellbeing.

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Performance Nutrition for Blue chip companies

Morehen Performance supports global elite performers from the corporate industry with individualised approaches to support weight management, health & well being to optimally perform to the unique demands of blue chip companies. 

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Performance Nutrition for professional rugby

2016-2017 season



" my opinion, may just change the nutrition landscape forever..."

Ashton Sims | International Rugby Player

...His meticulous planning of nutritional implementations and continual observations on physical and mental well being have aided me in the best preparation period I've experienced in 26 years of competitive sport...

Danny Williams | Olympic Athlete

...An astute, humble and passionate operator. I would highly recommend James to anyone looking for a world class service...

John Noonen | Physical Performance Coach

"...He is an asset to any team and always brings more to the table than his qualifications"

David Dunne - Co-founder applied behaviour systems ltd

"...His skill-set as a researcher, coach and practitioner are exeptional..."

Dr dan martin - performance nutritionist team haas f1